Privacy policy

1. The coloured smoke Tyre has been designed for use in a controlled environment on a track or pad

2. Not for use on public roads

3. Safe distance must be kept at all times

4. Safety eyewear must be worn at all times

5. Safety earwear must be worn at all times

6. Area intended for use should be cleaned and swept of any debris

7. Tyres are not suitable for drifting

8. This product does contain dye. If you have a concern about staining of your vehicle or wheels, please take measures to cover the areas closest to the coloured Tyre. Highway Tyres are not liable for any damage that may occur due to doing a burnout.

9. Due to the dye content of the tyres, light colour mag wheels may discolour. It is suggested to change your rims for alternative rims when using the tyres

10. Colour Conceal is not 100% foolproof. Dye contained in the tyre is generated by heat. On rare occasions, packaging or shipment conditions may cause a small bleed through of dye. If the sex of the child is unknown, please take precautions when receiving the goods. In the event of colour bleed, please contact us at If further concealment is required, a standard black spray paint can be used.

11. It is the customers responsibility to confirm with their customs agency in relation to any taxes or duties that may be applicable to importing tyres. The buyer is responsible for any additional charges relating to imports.

12. Tyres can take between 24-48 days for preparation and wrapping, before being ready for dispatch. Please consider this timeline when placing your order

13. Shipping does not occur on weekends or public holidays, please consider these additional delays when making your purchase

14. Due to heightened demand during holiday season, some delays may occur with shipping. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control and in the hands of a 3rd party courier. Please consider extended delivery times during these periods.

15. Some delays may occur due to the current situation with COVID-19

16.The density of smoke and richness of colour is generated by heat. The hotter the tyres, the more smoke and colour you will get. Drifting will often not generate the heat required for thick and colorful smoke. Front wheel drive vehicles may also struggle to brake sufficiently and maintain a descent wheel spin to generate smoke

17.Super Car GT may change, at their discretion, the chosen Courier if a faster and more reliable courier is available. This will not result in any additional fees to the Customer